i'd rather have my immune system work against testosterone than estradiol tbh

le tentacule ça doit être le plus petit en vrai

inscriptions ultra-violentes d'extrême-droite 

“TRUMP 2020

sympa les tags dans cette ruelle

« merci aux contrôleurs de la rame de queue de bien vouloir rappeler le conducteur du train » ?!

afraid to look at how long GadgetBridge says i've been sleeping…

thamk you mi band for this notification

(it's an encrypted SMS)

Introduction, kinda, long 


I have a hard time thinking about who I am, but let's try listing things about me.

I like food, especially chocolate, cheese, and lasagna. I like tea, alcoholic drinks, and blood orange juice. Btw I have no sense of smell and I don't know how it affects my gustative senses.
I don't like meat too much, and I try to cook vegan when I cook for myself or others.

I like videogames and used to spend basically all my free time on them, but I'm mostly unable to play long sessions without feeling bad, now.

I like computers and programming because one can do amazing things with them, and reversing code or figuring bugs out can be fun and interesting.
I hate computers because it so often feels like building on shambling foundations that break in shitty ways all the time, and because it is so damn easy to make insecure and unreliable things.

I went to uni and apparently have a PhD. It already feels like a different life.

I'm socially awkward, kinda reclusive, and generally anxious. I had anger issues when I was a kid, but those are gone now. I have a hard time getting motivated or keeping focused. I also get very strong positive feelings of love and attachment, but I am often frustrated with how I express and convey them. I also get very strong insecurities that can lead to full panic for very little reasons. I suspect I may have BPD and/or ADHD.

School life before uni was mostly filled with intense boredom and mild bullying. But I also had a handful friends I could see almost every day, and I was just content playing video games in my free time.

Truth be told, in many ways, I've been an asshole and a creep to some extent in the past. I try to not be, and I think I have made a lot of progress towards that.

I have for a long time wanted to be generally useful and helpful, and I continue to do so.

I was drawn to tech around 11 and quickly turned to free software. It's pretty much the only context I socialized in outside school for a long while. I do not regret that, but I'm glad my social circles shifted to what they are today.

I love my friends, and I am very much in love with my girlfriends


hécatè drague notre dame

Quand Thilda et cloeh cherchent des accessoires d'airsoft 

hécatè, les viseurs !

cloeh qui court en manif : hécatè à Grande Vitesse

Pour aller voir la petite louve au FOSDEM, on prends le T'alice ? :thinking_very_hard:

“~” me fait maintenant penser à :
- Thilda
- wavy/rwave et donc à la petite louve


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