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(0/ Intro) Thread : matos de manif, protections 

LB : je trouve ça assez/très dur comme article mais il est aussi assez instructif, et il se fini relativement bien.

I also want to document at least rich text and the ability to hide follower counts, but eh, I'm too lazy right now

Garder de la doc à jour, c'est pénible ._.

Pfew, went through glitch-soc's docs. There are still lots of outdated stuff, but I reworded a few things, changed the layout a bit, moved the bookmarks to upstreamed features, and:

I feel like there are lots of glitch-soc-specific features I should document, but I'm not sure which they are…

… also, the documentation overall is pretty outdated 😩

vent mastodev 

how many pokémon champions are your girlfriends, eh

i can genuinely say that i'm named after a pokemon champion and that's pretty cool i guess

wait j'ai jamais uploadé cet emojo, ou il a disparu ?

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