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oops the bit about forcibly removing them from your followers don't show, hm

what about this

(blocking a remote user, and blocking a local user who follows you)

will I ever manage to clock my work properly

tumblr is more volatile and even less profitable than bitcoin

fondly remembering when using the X clipboard made the GNOME wayland compositor go in a loop of event processing (it sent itself clipboard events or something), eating RAM and all the CPU but processing regular events once every few minutes

public display of affection 

public display of affection 

pôle emploi 

also that would be shown only for remote users, and the “forcibly remove from followers” bit would only be displayed for people actually following you

“ask their instance” makes it pretty clear that their instance might not act on it or do something else

What about something like “Blocking xxx@y will forcibly remove it from your followers, automatically reject any new follow request and ask their instance not to show them your content”

en fait quand quelqu'un dit « alice » j'essaie deviner laquelle mais j'suis pas toujours sûr de réussir

Est-ce que je veux lire ce thread sous CW « Lewd, genital, shitpost, maltraitance animale ? »

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