re: Pokémon Shield 

re: Pokémon Shield 

re: Mastodev, webpack help needed? 

re: Mastodev, webpack help needed? 

re: PSA, stream, update 

aka “it doesn't work with test as NODE_ENV so set it to tests

ok am I going to push for the worst workaround ever

Mastodev, webpack help needed? 

@melunaka moi aussi
maintenant j'essaie de comprendre why the fuck webpack fait des trucs différents quand NODE_ENV=test et je trouve pas

Pokémon SORD, subtoot 

Pokémon SORD 

So yeah, it makes a lot of sense as to why test builds were so fucking slow lmao
Since it runs the production config, it calls the minimizer and other compression thingies even if that's not needed, and it also makes sense as to why I couldn't get that down by editing the test config 🤔

Fixed in webpacker 4.2.0

Need to fix then

node /home/circleci/projects/mastodon/node_modules/.bin/webpack --config /home/circleci/projects/mastodon/config/webpack/production.js

even though I'm supposedly running in the test environment

Violences policières 

Shitpost utile : Les bruits des armes policières : 

Pokémon SORD, Pokémons I've named based on people, so subtoot 

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