trying various things after the merge

here, have some music by 3D63

gnome-pomodoro has some kind of graph/stats page
it's not extraordinary but it's ok
maybe i should look into how it works

mastodon sponsors, sex dolls, genitalia, weird 

there's also a sponsor which is all about sex dolls and, well, yeah

at least i'm learning about things i did not even suspect so far

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mastodon sponsors, sex doll, transphobia 

ah yes, this is still there

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radio stuff 

hmmm since yesterday 3am, my 433Mhz sensors have all stopped working almost completely (only the one closest to the receiver has some packets decoded every so often)

there are 4 transmitters and 3 receivers involved, 2 receivers are vendor ones that are bound to one transmitter each, the other receiver is an arduino thing which monitors all transmitters

so pretty sure there is some interference going on here but i have no idea why

attached are waterfall graphs obtained via a RTL-SDR dongle, and i don't have earlier graphs to compare to… but there's, like, a huge thing at 433.9Mhz, it might drawn everything else for the other receivers? idk

wut, on peut contrôler la lecture d'un player audio dans une iframe dans Firefox depuis la zone de notifs de gnome maintenant ? :o

(bon ça propose pas de passer d'une piste à l'autre avec le player de bandcamp là, même si les boutons sont là)


(non j'ai pas trouvé les “Static figure” A B et C dans la présentation)

merged into glitch-soc!
feedback welcome

if people like it this way i'll submit it upstream when i get the courage

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