Hey, Mastodon moderators: when one of your users report a remote person, would knowing whether the report was forwarded be useful?

If so, could you explain why?

@Thib yes, sometimes we don't feel like it's appropriate to take action ourselves and would rather know how the targeted instance's admins would deal with it. Knowing if a report was forwarded would save us asking about it to the admins or the users who made the report

@Siph if you want, could you explain it in

(alternatively, since your toot is public, can i link it there?)

@Thib absolutely, I'll post it on there. A situation where this would've been useful actually happened just yesterday on a server I'm moderating

@Thib definitely, yes. Because if it wasn't forwarded I would want to notify the remote admin myself

@Thib holy shit yes that would be AMAZING

basically: knowing if a report has been reported up the chain is important for knowing how to handle the report (whether to expect the other instance to handle it, etc)

it would also be really nice if a report could be forwarded after the fact

@Thib I don't think it would be very useful in general, but I can see situations such as

- an user makes a report in a language that is widely used within the instance, but that doesn't seem to be spoken by the mods on another instance. If it's forwarded and it's something that deserves attention, it could be a reason to make a new forwarded report in a language the other instance uses, if possible.

- an user reports something that doesn't seem to need an immediate silence or ban, even though it's something that breaks the rules on both instances. If the report is forwarded, maybe the local staff can wait until it's solved on the original instance before doing something with the account locally.

@Aster thanks! if you ever wish to weigh in either way, you could add a comment at

@Thib I'd say yes because if you trust a remote instance the action you need to take to resolve a report that was forwarded to it (checking the report in a few days to see if it was resolved) is different than the action you need to take on a report that wasn't forwarded (letting them know there's a problem in the first place).

@ben i think there are quite a lot of comments already, but if you want to weigh in either way, you could comment on

@Thib looks like Psycojoker said exactly what I just said so I gave them a 👍

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