Fediverse admin PSA 

Attention to

We are considering dropping support for host-meta and XRD support (inherited from GNU Social/OStatus) in next version, as the webfinger spec is enough and simpler.

As far as we know, no fediverse implementation relies solely on host-meta or XRD, so that wouldn't be a big change.

That being said, some deployments do (partly because of a guide I wrote ages ago, in OStatus times) depend on host-meta. That could be the case, for instance, if you installed Mastodon so that it is on but serving In this case, please check that redirects to, or proxies,

With nginx, this could be done like this:

location /.well-known/webfinger {
return 301$request_uri;

Fediverse admin PSA 

@Thib just checking, it shouldn't return anything, right? webfinger redirects to but it's just blank

re: Fediverse admin PSA 

@f0x you have to query for a particular user, for instance:

anyway, just checked and you're good!

re: Fediverse admin PSA 

@Thib ahh right makes sense, thanks :)

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