If introduced a way to actually suspend users without deleting everything outright (that is, the suspend could be undone), which behavior would you prefer?

1. Suspended followers remain followers until deletion but are hidden from your followers list
2. Suspended followers are still shown in your followers list
3. Suspended followers automatically unfollow you, and automatically re-send a follow request if they get unsuspended

Like, unsuspending an user is in principle unlikely, but possible. If the suspended user is still following you and is hidden, it's difficult to make sure it still doesn't follow you if it gets unsuspended.

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@Thib in solution 3, what happens to your follower only toots during the suspend period ?

@Nausicaa they potentially don't get to the suspended account's instance, so they may not be readable by the suspended account even after they follow you back

@Nausicaa follower-only toots are delivered once by instance, if you have multiple followers on the instance, it will still get them

@Nausicaa currently, Mastodon shows you all the follower-only toots it knows from people you follow, no matter when those were posted or when you followed them

so it depends if you had other followers

@Thib I would prefer the third way to do this, but option 2 is fine too. I don’t like option 1.

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