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@cwebber @lain one thing that has been bothering me with ActivityPub is that it has very little way to figure out inconsistencies, if any

for instance, bugs (there have been a few in both Mastodon and Pleroma over the years), incompatibilities (it's unclear in AP how to make someone stop following you, for instance), or other issues (rolling back to a previous backup, etc.) can lead to inconsistencies across instances on follow relationships

for this specific issue, currently, the only thing that could be done within the AP spec is to page through another user's followers collection and check for inconsistencies, but:
- this collection is optional
- this collection might be present but not paginated through (e.g. if the user wants to not disclose their followers)
- the collection might include lots of followers one isn't interested in for that purpose
- one may not know when to go through that collection

i'm not too sure how we could do better… i mean, i do have ideas, but they are pretty specific to that case, to the multiple-users-instance case, and do not feel AP-y at all

re: ActivityPub stuff 

@cwebber @lain i ended up writing a proposal and started implementing it:

any feedback on the proposal itself is welcome

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re: ActivityPub stuff 

@cwebber @lain a first implementation is mostly finished, changed the vocabulary a bit to reuse more of AS/w3c-security and make the hash algorithm explicit rather than hardcoded (though Mastodon would only support sha256):

again, feedback welcome

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