In , public local-only toots (that is, toots that are never rendered outside the originating instance, never presented to non-logged-in users) appear in both the Federated timeline and the Local timeline.

My reasoning to not change that was that the Local timeline has always been a subset of the Federated timeline… like, the Federated timeline is “all public toots known to the instance”.

But this appears to confuse some people, so, should local-only toots appear in the Federated timeline, or only in the Local timeline?

In the Public timeline (also called Federated timeline), should local-only toots (toots that do not leave your instance):

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the votes so far are not consistent with the previous ones nor with what i expected 😩

did people misunderstand the question 😩

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@Thib if it confuses new users, it's worth to hide it from federated timeline. Not all users have a technical background.

@Thib besides, the global TL name is "Federated timeline" not "All public toots known to the instance"

@darckcrystale i don't think this is related to having a technical background?

@Thib i'll detail. i don't think it's newby friendly to explain to everyone that the name used for a timeline does not exactly mean what it trully is. Explaining this is related to the way that masto/glitch works, so it's technical

@darckcrystale @Thib well if it doesn't do what its name tells you, the name isn't good. If global TL sounds better then use it rather than federated TL

@floreal @Thib in my opinion, "global timeline" isn't clear about its purpose

@Thib je serai beaucoup plus confuse de pas voir des toots de personnes que je suis dans ma colonne Accueil ?

(+ je regarde pas la TL locale :/ )

@Thib ah oki... dans ce cas j'avoue que je trouverait ça mieux que ça soit exclusivement des toots d'ailleurs mais je la regarde jamais non plus donc bon :P

@Thib en vrai je pense qu'en plus elle doit être aussi pétée que ma TL locale de toute façon xD

@Nausicaa mais c'est pas non plus ça la question Naomi 😭

@Thib ce que je retiens c'est que 52% souhaitent avoir le choix contre 48% qui pensent qu'on ne devrait pas avoir le choix :/

@h30x je suis un peu surprise aussi, après on ne sait pas ce qu'iels mettent exactement derrière, et multiplier les choix n'est pas forcément une bonne idée non plus (mais bon, là ça devrait rester raisonnable)

Je suis aussi un peu surprise que les résultats ne semblent pas si cohérents que ça avec ceux du sondage précédent, mais ce ne sont pas forcément les mêmes personnes qui ont voté…

@Thib random question since you may know: would it be possible to set up a post security that allowed for a post to show locally and to followers only? Or would that be impossible because local-only posts are "listed" and followers only posts aren't?

@sunflowers this is already possible, post privacy and whether toots are local-only are orthogonal concerns

what it means though is that it will only be shown to local followers

maybe “visible locally + visible to remote followers” would make sense but i'm afraid this would complicate things too much

@Thib yes, the latter is what I'm looking for. Maybe one day.

@sunflowers this would technically be possible by having the toot being federated as if it were a followers-only toot even if it was public on your instance, but since that's not the current behavior, i'm not sure how to add a new option and i'm afraid of making it unclear what it does and having people leak stuff to over instances by accident

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