@Gargron @Thib I have a problem with commit c6904c0d3766a2ea8a81ab025c127169ecb51373, the migrate operation fails : paste.hostux.net/?0611fb21c954 any ideas?


@valere @Gargron this is very fishy, you should definitely have that index… is this the first time the migration failed (not that this should change much)?
What is the output of \d+ accounts in a postgres shell?

@Thib @Gargron

yep, it failed the first time I started the migration.

postgres-# \d+ accounts
Aucune relation nommée « accounts » n'a été trouvée.

@valere @Gargron do you know if the first time it failed, it failed with the same error?

You need to be connected to your mastodon database before running \d+ accounts

@valere @Gargron it doesn't return any indexes…? what does SELECT indexname, indexdef FROM pg_indexes WHERE tablename = 'accounts'; return?

@valere @Gargron you're definitely missing an index here… i'm not sure how that could have happened… do you have database backups to check if that was the case before you tried the last migration?

@valere @Gargron anyway, you should be able to run the following and start the migration again:

CREATE UNIQUE INDEX CONCURRENTLY index_accounts_on_username_and_domain_lower ON accounts (lower(username), lower(domain))

@valere @Gargron ok, that is definitely very weird and i don't know how to help with that

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