I'm about to merge latest upstream changes in , although I'll need to do some more testing before doing so

In the meantime, you can find the merge PR here:

This time, it includes a lot of nice things like:
- blurhash for preview cards
- built-in emoji that are readable and don't look like shit when we need to add a border around them
- filters applying to media descriptions
- hotkey for toggling the CW field in the toot composing interface
- various bugfixes
- e-mail confirmation when logging in after a while from a new IP address
- slight changes in how domain blocks/silences/etc. are performed to make them apply faster

It also includes the groundwork for End-to-End Encryption, but I have *disabled* the API for it. The reason is not that I think it's useless or insecure or anything, but that it is very likely to change, and while that is probably fine for the development version of Mastodon, it may not be for glitch-soc, which doesn't have releases. There are no client making use of it yet to my knowledge, but if you want to play with it, you will have to re-enable the API routes. I will obviously enable it when I'm confident the API is stable.

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