TIL you can micromanage the OOM-killer with the “choom” utility

@Thib oh, that's just for processes, i thought it might help configure the base system, and maybe help understand the OOM killer


@hirojin oh, the OOM killer is easy to understand: it will always fire too late and kill the most critical process

@hirojin you're welcome
Always glad to share my deep Linux knowledge

unsolicited tech advice 

@Thib @hirojin

github.com/rfjakob/earlyoom is a userspace OOM killer I'm using. It's really easy to configure and it's more aggressive than kernel's OOM killer

There is also facebook's OOMD(github.com/facebookincubator/o) but I haven't looked into it since it seems way to advanced for my use case

unsolicited tech advice 

@BadAtNames @Thib i try to stay away from Facebook stuff 🥴

probably the reason i haven't given Reason the time it would've deserved

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