Uhhh, I'm proposing potentially debatable changes to how silences and mutes work in :


Basically, silenced and muted accounts have always been able to follow you, and they still can. If your account is not locked, they are able to follow you without you getting any notification.

The proposal is to change that so you get a follow request whether or not your account is locked. This means silences and mutes are a bit “harsher” but prevents unnoticed follows.

Ok one thing I'm not sure about is that this would possibly leak the fact that you're muting them, though… hm…

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Updated it to not change how follows work from user-muted accounts, in order to not leak user mutes.

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C'est vachement plus important ce que tu dis là (être averti quand quelqu'un que tu as silencé te suis) que le risque que tu décris ensuite de laisser savoir que tu l'as sliencé...

@LienRag les deux sont importants. J'ai une PR ouverte depuis 42k ans qui explicite qui les mute empêchent pas la personne de te suivre, et qui permet un block qui est juste mute + empêcher de suivre (et permet le block actuel en explicitant les effets de bord)

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