The current development version of Mastodon changes how new toots and notifications appear in your columns!

If new items arrive while you're not on top of the timeline, they are treated as “pending”, to see them, you need to scroll to the top of the column and click a “X new items” button.

This can also be applied for all new items even if you are the top, which is a setting called “slow mode”.

This will also enter glitch-soc in the next merge.

oh, that's really neat ! It'll make the web ui way more usable for me, I can't use the current one for too long, lots of stuff popping from everywhere makes me stressed really fast and I can't process anything anymore (that's why on my clients I use an approach similar to email: inboxes and you read whatever you want whenever you like)


Quel est l'intérêt?
Purement UI (éviter que ça défile trop vite pendant qu'on lit) ou ça réduit aussi la consommation de RAM?

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