users, do we really need that separator between the poll and privacy options?

@darckcrystale ?
(Also, don't you have them on I haven't added any recently)

@Thib I use the masto theme, I am not able to use the glitch soc one as it's way too different from what I was used to use (and the toots keep collapsing themselves even if I set it to expand).

@Thib it is but I don't have enough spoons to make issues, I'm sorry

@darckcrystale that's ok (though don't hesitate to report such issues whenever you have the spoons)

@Thib I anderstand "change visibility", "download", "put a cw" and "other things"

I asked my question because the separator usefulness depends on the icon actions.

@darckcrystale what you understand as “download” is actually an option to change the content-type (that icon is for markdown, there's also HTML and, the default, plain text)

@Thib ok, can I give you a mockup to show what I think would be nice?

@Thib another question: why is there two buttons at the bottom?

@Thib nevermind for the second toot button, I misunderstood what you said.
I'll sleep and maybe tomorrow I will have a better idea.

@Thib Je dirais que oui : ça permet de séparer ce qui s'inclut dans le pouet et ce qui caractérise le message.

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