Hello all,

Mastodon 2.8.0 de masto introduced a dangerous privacy bug : social.sitedethib.com/@Thib/10

Boosting your private toots ("boost to original audience") actually widens their audience if your default posting privacy is not set to "private" :/

*Important*: Please check your public profile and unboost toots that shouldn't be there.

We will make another announcement when a fix is published, don't boost private toots until then.


LB : so yeah, we're in 2.8.0, be careful with your wanna-be-private boosts until it's solved :/

LB : donc, ouais, on est en 2.8.0 alors soyez prudent'es avec les boosts que vous voudriez voir privés en attendant d'avoir une solution :/

Oh cool ! J'update ce-
*se rappelle le merge pas encore pushé de glitch-soc*
... Bientôt !

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