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My girlfriends are the most wonderful people ever and I fucking love them 馃挏

:blob_raccoon_pat: :cat_bite_triangle:

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[EN] I now have a private account (@tmi) for more personal stuff. Feel free to send a follow request if we're mutuals.

[FR] J'ai maintenant un compte priv茅 (@tmi) pour parler de choses plus personnelles. N'h茅sitez pas 脿 envoyer une demande de suivi si nous sommes mutuals.

figuring out the cause of a bug by noticing something 鈥渄oesn't even mention the onions鈥

is request caching on Mastodon broken again


esvrld can you boost another of alice's very old toots

esvrld reverted one of my SOs to an older state

a pre-ActivityPub status from my gf has been boosted and my instance reverted her profile to an older one

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Pok茅mon Sword/Shield 

i'm sorry i've failed to uphold that
gonna boost the selfie

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Funkwhale, podcasts/channels, dev thread, UI 

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transphobie, transmisogynie 

transphobie, auto-identification, argument fallacieux 

Permanence 脿 rennes le samedi 29 f茅vrier (Attention, la date de la permanence est d茅cal茅e !).

Nous nous retrouverons 脿 la MJC la paillette, venez !

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