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My girlfriends are the most wonderful people ever and I fucking love them 💜

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[EN] I now have a private account (@tmi) for more personal stuff. Feel free to send a follow request if we're mutuals.

[FR] J'ai maintenant un compte privé (@tmi) pour parler de choses plus personnelles. N'hésitez pas à envoyer une demande de suivi si nous sommes mutuals.

A ton of great praxis can come from just taking a step back and realizing the economy is fake. Everyone has stuff they don't need, and often the people who need that stuff are right next door. And there's always work to be done and people who need work to do. Those things just don't ever connect because they don't have enough green paper to give each other

Timebanking, bartering, community-controlled currency, sharing spaces, or even something as simple as encouraging neighbors to *talk* to each other about what they need and what they can offer, can all dramatically change the quality of life in poor communities - not just after a crash, but at any time


Désarrestation réussie : un homme arraché des mains de la police par des manifestants déterminés. Vive l'autodéfense populaire !


pour les intéressé·e·s y a pas mal de photos de la manif à Rennes :3

[cw violence policière et photos de manifs]

"Retour sur la journée du 5 décembre"

mdr je commence à écrire en cursive et mon cerveau switch en détaché tout seul en cours de route

I downloaded a game called “Raccoon Squad” to try it out, but it's windows-only and crashes with wine :v

La permanence demain c'est demain ! Et la marche du collectif c'est aussi demain, deux informations :

horny christmas and slutty new year everyone, ho ho ho

Tbh the requirements for new birbs to appear are arbitrary and obscure, and that's a bit frustrating



j'arrive pas à débloquer les calopsittes dans toripon ;;

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