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don't buy stacklands, it's a trap
i bought stacklands and my next six hours vanished

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oops youtube has geared me towards doom eternal's ost and now i need to play that game again

played titan souls yesterday
i wanna play shadow of the colossus now,

q: i'm using a playstation controller but i have xbox button prompts
a: disable steam input, we have native support! (for the ps4 controller but not the ps5 controller apparently)

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games be like: i expect en-us keyboard layout and xbox controller

#Variole du singe : les #tests remboursés à 100 %

Cette décision a été prise dans la foulée d’une préconisation en ce sens de la Haute Autorité de santé.


« agent de contrôle du spectre » ça sonne assez particulier quand même

Our team of qualified wiresharks is inspecting all the PIs! #blahaj

ActivityPub, Mastodon, Zap and so on 

@mike hi! i'm once again looking at groups, reply forwarding and control, and related features

one major difference between Mastodon and your projects seems to me that Mastodon treats all posts, including replies, as first-class objects on which their author has full control and responsibility, while your projects seem to follow more of a facebook-style “posts and comments” model, where the post's owner has authority and is responsible for distributing the comments

is that assessment correct?

if so, i'm not interested in switching Mastodon to a “posts and comments” as a primary model, as i believe this also has drawbacks (for instance, someone replying to a post can't really reason on the reach of their reply), but i'm wondering whether we could implement proper support for interacting with post-and-comments content without breaking your expectations nor misleading users

so i'm wondering how your projects deal with ActivityPub replies that break your expectations of going through the original post's author for authority and distribution, if you handle both models explicitly, and if you have something to explicitly signal that you expect replies to go through you (i can see that you have a replyTo attribute but i've not seen it documented in this specific context)

i'm also interested in knowing how recipients can authenticate relayed replies when those are not public

finally, this is not my focus right now, but i've been thinking about reply control a bit, and how that could effectively work (especially outside of a “posts and comments” model, but that can still apply to “posts and comments”). this is a rough draft that hasn't settled on vocabulary or anything, but i'd still be glad to have feedback on this:

when you squash a mosquito, it gets isekai'd into the pokémon world as an ultrabeast

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