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did you know? vampires only need a tiny amount of stagnant water to reproduce

fucked up that not everything that wants to drink your blood is a vampire

?, cursed 

do vampire fangs inject an anticoagulant


🔴 Rachel Keke est élue députée.

Elle bat l'ancienne ministre des Sports et devient la première femme de ménage députée de la nation.


The thing about large language models like GPT-3 and Lambda describing the experience of being self-aware is they can also describe the experience of being a squirrel.

damn the stuttering in FF7R is bad
i wonder how much of that is CPU/GPU-bound and how much of that is IO-bound
should i move the game to my SSD (i don't think i have nearly enough space left to do that)

1 commit, 173 changed files, has security implications
it will be “fun”

mastodon feature where if you post "good night" you can't post for 8 hours.

the amusing thing is that the game has much less rumble than i thought
like, destroying crates with your sowrds doesn't triggle any rumble
so my test case was wrong :blabcat:

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it works!

a mix of, it not working for a long time, and also the game not actually having rumble in all the places i thought it had

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ok, does someone using Windows have a DualSense and the Steam version of FF7R? i'm not even sure anymore it's supposed to work at this point

ah no it's d3dcompiler that i'm unable to build, but that means i can't build proton

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