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half-life: alyx, minor spoiler 

so i reached the Nothern Star and i've inadvertently read on the internet that it will be Quite Something

half-life: alyx, not spoilers, gory i guess, creature from half-life 2 

we love poisonous headcrabs

(sorry for the off-center screenshots, had to use the keyboard and spectator view as VR screenshots apparently don't work on linux)

half-life: alyx 

oof the armored combine soldiers
they big
they hurt

money, tech 

oh, come on, is N26 on microG broken again, is my “salary” stuck on my work account

Je trouve fascinant comment selon les bords politiques ça oublie plus ou moins de mentionner que ce dîner de cons a eu lieu chez un fan de Bonaparte, pote avec les Le Pen, fricotant avec toute l'extrême droite française la plus conservatrice.

En fait c'est un des premiers trucs qui devraient interpeller, et qui devrait d'autant plus justifier qu'on demande les blases.

taking cover against combine soldiers is, interesting

Valve Index on Linux 

so Steam support finally told me the camera passthrough and room view features were simply unimplemented on linux

(and they had no information about future updates)

vr rambling 

anyway, half-life: alyx is very, very good

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vr rambling 

i wish i had like a giant room to play in, cause i'm almost never moving “naturally” although i think if i knew i could i would, step back a lot more, when fighting zombies, in half-life: alyx

j'en suis qu'au chapitre 3 de Half-Life: Alyx mais je fais que des petites sessions parce que pfiouu, c'est éprouvant :')

too tired to play half-life: alyx, but thinking about it

how did i think playing a survival horror game in vr was a good idea

half-life: alyx 

poison headcrabs in the dark

how did i think playing a survival horror game in vr was a good idea

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