re: violences conjugales 

@dashie cette conclusion sort de mais honnêtement j'ai la flemme de lire

violences conjugales 

@dashie « Les auteurs de l’étude se sont rendu compte que les auteurs de violence avaient du mal à lire les émotions sur le visage des femmes : au lieu de voir de la peur, ils verraient des visages heureux. » wtf

@wxcafe and the bug is related to scheduled statuses with media attachments

what was particularly messing with me is that the unit test i added so long ago

was just slightly off, so reverting the fix did not trigger that test, and i wondered if it was still needed, tested it in prod and yeah, it was still needed

fixed the test, added some comment, and fixed the other issue, together with a new test

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i'm investigating a bug caused by a very old bugfix of mine
i'm trying to understand why that bugfix is needed, and it is, but i don't understand why

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mastodev / glitch-soc-dev 

Merged the latest upstream changes into glitch-soc

I also ported for consistency with upstream, so don't be surprised if the URLs in the Web UI change

(also I made sure the old URLs still work)

@CobaltVelvet i mean, it doesn't really have any privacy implication? it doesn't let you enumerate less stuff, the API stays the same

(also i added back the original routes to not make your browser history or old saved links unusable)

@CobaltVelvet ultimate goal is to get rid of the “public” pages afaik
(have every html view use the web ui)

@CobaltVelvet (also new accounts use a snowflake id now so they are not enumerable ; old accounts remain enumerable though)

@CobaltVelvet i'm talking about the WebUI, the API and backend don't change it's still enumerable, and it also actually adds a lookup

en vrai je sais pas si /web/@foo@bar.tld c'est mieux que /web/accounts/545214512

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