@human_dude it does block local users, and it asks the remote instance to not show the content to the remote blocked user

but it can't do much more than ask politely in this case, unfortunately

@CaribenxMarciaX hm, what do you mean by “actually blocked”? (honest question, there are some things that are not enforceable, but maybe there are things that we do not currently enforce that we could)

“i want to play Returnal” to “uhhh let's learn about windows driver development” real quick

just me posting some constants and function names 

IRP_MN_QUERY_ID, BusQueryContainerID, SetupDiSetDeviceRegistryPropertyW

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i did not expect to read about windows driver development

I'm a little surprised that people seem to be sincerely worried that a buggy yet charming website that's been in the public consciousness for all of two or three days now is an existential threat to the federated web.

If that really is all it takes to get everyone to migrate off of mastodon, then the resiliency of the mastodon is greatly overstated and it would be irresponsible not to rethink it.

New Mastodon logo v2c (improved).really.Copy Of Final(2).svg.png.jpg.bmp.jpg.jpg.jpeg.jpg.jpg.webp

just me posting function names 

udev_add_device, bus_create_hid_device, IoCreateDevice, IoRegisterDeviceInterface, SetupDiCreateDeviceInfoW, SetupDiCreateDeviceInterfaceW

can't wrap my head around how winebus, hidclass.sys and setupapi interact

⚠️ Les Gamme'elles recrutent leur futur·e chef·fe de chœur ⚠️

Pour continuer à chanter après le départ d’Albane (qui retourne sur les bancs de l'école), nous cherchons un·e nouvel·le chef·fe. N’hésitez pas à partager l’annonce !

Chorale de femmes à 3 voix sur Paris centre depuis plus de 15 ans, nous recherchons un·e chef·fe de chœur dès septembre 2022 sur un répertoire classique/monde/variété.

Notre chorale défend la communauté lesbienne et des valeurs féministes et sociales avec humour, sérieux et musicalité.

Nous répétons à Paris tous les mercredis soirs des périodes scolaires (+ quelques samedis ou week-ends) et organisons des concerts de mars à juin.

N'hésitez pas à consulter notre site (lesgamme-elles.hautetfort.com/) et à nous contacter par e-mail gamme_elles@yahoo.fr.

i'm trying to figure out how to implement (as opposed to providing an ugly workaround that will never be merged) the DualSense thing in Wine and…
i'm not sure how to implement that, and i believe this would only work with specific combinations of backends, uh

@noiob yes and it also says that for followers-only or direct messages

on-device encrypted open source menstrual tracking app. Play Store or FDroid. iOS version in the works


Menstruations (trans inclusive), wholesome 

You may have already seen this on twitter, but there's a scene from the movie Baymax that leaked and it's so sweet, I watched it 5 times already.

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