i have few issues with AMD graphics on linux but this one is a fun one


still some significant work to do, but i'm making Progress

i'm not super happy with the protocol but at least we may end up having Something and i don't have a lot of time remaining (basically less than a week)

anyway, i've added the notion of approval status for posts (since they may need to get approved by the group) and UI for it, i've got roughly half of the federation stuff working, i've written a lot of tests and started documenting features, APIs and protocol


what's missing:

  • backfilling posts from remote groups
  • backfilling and keeping up with group members from remote groups
  • creating and destroying local groups
  • managing group moderators
  • reporting posts to group moderators (reports are still possible but go to instance admins as usual)
  • federating local groups
  • some improvements to the UI

formulaires médicaux 

ah, les formulaires médicaux, ma seule faiblesse

shitpost horrible, pokémon go 

C'est donc ça la monogamie en série ?

I Was A Teenage Exocolonist (not spoilers) 

i mean, that's pretty much what that game is doing, isn't it?

it's kinda cool but also confusing and overwhelming and weird when you really don't have the context for some of those strings

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genome replacement therapy 

what is going on with this game's science here

i guess the idea is “science has progressed and now we can change bodies more deeply so that they produce the hormones you want on their own” but

i'm not sure what changing your genome would achieve considering you already have your endocrine system and genitals :thaenkin:

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