random mastodon interface idea 

there are multiple thins i'm not happy about with in this mockup, but,

selfie, eye contact 

hello, haven't posted a selfie in a while
and haven't used that lipstick color in forever

“Share this link with anyone and they can join your game from any Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS or Android device.”

well, still can't find an x86/amd64 linux build for Steam Link though

comment je vais pouvoir retirer ce connecteur, je le distingue même pas :blobcatscared:

sextoy, shitpost 

i feel like i could… like i could… take over the world!

(reposting a classic from my old account)

Life is Strange 2, spoilers Life is Strange 1 

mais pourquoi le jeu m'attaque comme ça ???

DOOM Eternal 

enabled displaying performance metrics
and disabled vsync
i think my computer is doing fine

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