⚠️ We are planning to release important security fixes for #Mastodon on February 3rd, between 13:00 and 15:00 UTC.

To make sure that most servers can upgrade swiftly, we will release the fixes both as v3.3.2 and v3.4.6 (they will, of course, be also available on the main branch).

To make sure the upgrades on those older versions require the least intervention, with just a process restart, we have just released preparatory releases v3.3.1 and v3.4.5.

Please upgrade!


this affects pretty much any version of Mastodon, including

Patches will be provided to glitch-soc as they are released for mainline Mastodon

In preparation, please update to the latest commit!

Also, if you are a , I would recommend you follow @Mastodon and use the bell notification feature to get important notifications!

@Claire don't forget to like and subscribe

good advice though, maybe there should be a glitchsoc announcement account too

@Claire hey - just upgraded GlitchSoc on the toot-lab, am now getting 500 errors. mastodon-web log showing `NoMethodError (undefined method `edited_at' for #<Status id: foo, uri: bar, account_id: baz, etc>` after the upgrade. any tips?

@djsundog did you run migrations before restart mastodon-web? might be worth running tootctl cache clear too but i don't think that's needed

@Claire aha, I totally skipped the migrations - whoops! thanks much!

@Claire confirming that did indeed resolve the issue entirely - thanks again, you're the best!

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