This has been a lot of work and it's still not finished, but I at least have the layout figured out now so I want to share my progress.

It's a redesign of the report screen in the moderation interface, including many small and medium changes to how things work, too many to describe here.



it's work in progress so i'm not sure how much feedback Gargron actually wants but

i, at least, would be interested to know what mods think about this, how much do you think that helps you, are there things that are worse or missing

PR here:

my personal worry is that mods adding/removing statuses directly in the report would muddy up the context of the original report, which may end up making it more difficult to understand

but at the same time i understand it may be useful for mods

not work in progress anymore, and here is my review:

again i'm not a moderator, and i'd personally would like more moderator eyes on this before this ships to make sure nothing important is lost in this change

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