as an instance admin/moderator, what features are you lacking? what do you find cumbersome or could be improved?

(not making any promise here, but i plan to have a look at that part of mastodon early next year)

@Claire The federation management part feels clunky to me and like it could do with an overhaul but I’ll have to think about specifics

@Claire Part of me thinks it would be nice to have lists of instances with at least one follow or follower on my instance, but another part of me thinks it could end up as a privacy/stalking issue?

@Claire reports in the form of notifications would be a nice addition.

I think a feature many would love is some sort of plugin system so that one could alter the behaviour of mastodon without resorting to manually maintain a fork.

@Claire I'd love to be able to set my instance's character limit as an admin of my own instance. It's run on so I can't tweak the source code.

@Claire J'me lance en français par flemme : l'interface de gestion des annonces.

Cinq champs différents pour entrer une date de début/fin, c'est clairement pas pratique.
Les différences de timezone entre client/serveur semblent mal gérées aussi. Ou alors ça part juste du principe que le serveur est en UTC même quand c'est pas le cas (j'ai pas eu le courage de tester de manière approfondie).

@Claire Lorsqu'une personne de l'instance signale un compte sur une autre instance en cochant la case pour que le rapport soit aussi envoyé à l'instance source, j'aimerai bien un moyen facile de communiquer avec la modération de l'instance en question pour savoir si des actions ont été prise de leur coté (genre des actions qui laissent pas spécialement de trace comme un rappel d'une règle à une personne qui a juste oublié un truc une fois) ou si je dois activement modérer de mon coté.

Et pareil dans l'autre sens (un signalement venant d'une autre instance concernant un compte sur l'instance que je modère).

@Claire optional user moderation tools instead of just a report button and moderators/admins. A button to start a vote to silence/suspend users and domains on invite-only instances. With configurable thresholds and failed votes generating a report to be reviewed later. Reports should only be necessary in small invite only communities when manual review of something is needed with more context than just what is being posted by the offending party. In terms of effort this is probably the biggest ask.

Some way to share blocklists between instances by what the ban was for. Even just the ability of importing a text file of ban information would be all we would need to start coordinating moderation across the network more consistently versus manually adding one ban at a time.

Copying related sets of custom emojis in packs with their licensing/author info as viewable metadata would also be really nice. Maybe even just having the option to copy all the custom emojis another instance uses would help for when starting off!

Blocklist import/export has been waiting to be merged for nearly a year (with @Claire also in favor) 😐

It has since been merged to the Ecko fork

@squeakypancakes @Claire I wonder if they will explain why it doesn't get merged or if they'll just ghost the thread for that one, lol

@thufie @Claire But isn't this prone to mass flagging when an instance is being "raided"?

@thufie @Claire Hm thats a good point. To avoid raiding you could limit the invites per day. Is that a setting?

@mxtthxw I believe the "quote toot" feature was discussed and explicitly omitted. It's frequently abused on twitter for the purpose of harassing people, so leaving it out was deemed better that having it in. I could be wrong, and defer to those who know more.

You can always get the URL of a toot and include that, like this:

Or this:


@ColinTheMathmo @Claire thansk for the info, was unaware of the issues. Makes some sense. I just like to comment on news stories from bots mainly. I appreciate the lack of dog-piling here.

@mxtthxw Indeed, and I agree that it would be useful, if only there were some way to discourage abuse.

Meanwhile, I've got it in my muscle memory to pull the URL and include that in a toot, so that's a reasonable substitute. I may yet semi-script it, but it works well enough for now to do it "by hand".


@Claire Maybe it is seen as a privacy concern, but theoretically the information is already in our database: When I get a report about some account, I would love to be able to see how many of my people already blocked the account or instance. That would give some indication whether my community thinks the account is problematic even if they did not report it.

@Claire I'm missing an API for suspending accounts and domains (I don't think there is one?), so an app like Tusky can implement an easy way to do it, when I only have my phone.

@zatnosk there is an API to access reports and ban accounts!

there does not seem to be one to ban domains though

@Claire Your toot turned up in my TL because someone boosted it, but in my instance I can't see many of the replies to you that are on your instance. That's a little frustrating, but it might be fundamental to the way Mastodon works.

But it's still frustrating ... it would be nice, having opened your toot on my instance, to be able to see the full discussion.

The search engine consumes too many resources.

We need a search engine based on the Postgresql database content

@Claire I sometimes get reports on my instance about people on other instances. Is there a currently accepted process for that?

@Claire I mean, are you supposed to forward it to the admin of the account that's been reported, or is there some way to resolve it from my instance?

@calculsoberic you can locally suspend or mute the remote account; as for forwarding, that's an option your local users have, but it doesn't stop you from trying to coordinate with the remote admin

@Claire the federation page. instance list thing. it's still so slow!! and the ui is painful to use. so often i type a domain and have to switch between all/limited because the default state won't let you search for an instance to suspend.
also why is it in moderation tab when it's not available to moderators; imo it would make more sense to be under admin but some people would rather it be available to mods.

@Claire i guess an optimal thing would be to let mods (or users even) suggest instance allow/blocks and then have admins approve it before a large operation is started. it would also be a good base for community lead local allow/block lists, since there is basically nothing to make allowlists practically usable on an instance

@CobaltVelvet @Claire I’m not answering the question, but it reminds that I still can’t report boosts or instances

@Claire biggest one for me is probably better APIs for admin features, having to hack around with the endpoints that the GUI calls is a bit rough, and it would be nice to automate among other things:
* announcements
* federation (listing/creating/removing/updating)
* invites (listing/creating/removing)
* blocked email domains (listing/creating/removing)

other than that, having emojos be an admin thing instead of a mod thing has always baffled me

@Claire For quite some times now, suspending a domain name also automatically suspend its subdomains. But the suspended subdomains don’t appear on the list of suspended domains in the “Federation” page (/admin/instances).
It would be nice if that page also displayed suspended subdomains hosting known instances.

@Claire It may sounds like a niche case, but we ended up suspending several domains name that weren’t hosting any instances themselves, but which subdomains did

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