i still dont think the trending links feature (now merged in Mastodon) is something that we should have, tbh

@Claire Yeah, great. Another feature that will encourage spamming and harassment.

@vanillacherry a feature that lists which links (to articles) are trending (based in their use in public toots without CWs)

@Claire and this was wanted why
"Because Eugen" is a valid answer

@Rusanya_Collective i think there are enough countermeasures (trending links need to be approved on a case-by-case or provider-by-provider—think news outlets—basis and can be rejected afterwards even if the provider itself is allowed) for it not to be an outright disaster but i really struggle to think the benefits of this feature outweigh the risks or moderation burden

@Claire @Rusanya_Collective it really just seems like one of these features that's either going to be not used, or used grudgingly + ignored, or be abused in some way. I can't think of any actual upsides to this 🤔

@dumpsterqueer @Rusanya_Collective the extent of the usefulness i see in this thing is “uhhh i'm bored but don't want to check the public timeline, what are people talking about”

@Claire @Rusanya_Collective indeed... Feels like time that could have been better spent, from both a user and a dev perspective. Like, who is this really for, who cares

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