today i have heard about a visual novel / dating sim aimed at straight women

… in which a tiny number of players inexplicably turned into bears

i need to learn more :v


like, i have heard about it from one person

searched the internet and i did find two other accounts of that (the main character suddenly turning into a bear and her dialogues being written as a bear grunting) happening

but no explanation and no more reference to it than those two reviews

i tried downloading the only version of the game i could find but it does not seem to contain any reference to the bear thing

also the company making the game seems dead, their website is a wordpress that has some traces of some of their games but is mainly spam articles?

@melunaka look i'm curious about why there was code to turn the playable character into a bear and how it triggered, this is just so incredibly random

my best guess is an anti-piracy measure gone wrong but who knows

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