i like a lot of things in Sky: Children of the Light, but honestly the economic model is on par with many predatory free-to-plays

i guess the only unsavory trick it avoids is randomizing rewards…

some of the cosmetics are locked behind a season pass, some other can exclusively be obtained by individual purchases, and pretty much every else (and also some of the things locked behind the season pass) is obtainable through in-game money in a way that you can probably just barely get everything if you grind it to death absolutely every day, or you can buy in-game money for a hefty price
and a lot is time-limited to pressure you of course


anyway i understand in-app purchases, but coupling that with time-limited availability is kinda shitty, and so is the “pay with your time or your money” approach especially if that's also combined with time-limited availability

this is maybe made worse by sky: cotl being uh, kind of a one-time experience and then exploration
once you're done exploring, all that's left is the grind to collect the cosmetics, sure you can revisit, maybe try to speedrun, but…

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