#PSA if you have European copies for Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire: there have been numerous reports from ResetEra and Twitter. This has been caused by the FlashROM chip, which some other games have (I can’t find a definitive list of those atm, sorry)

It’s impossible to check if this is super widespread, but it can’t hurt to check.

My Alpha Sapphire copy still works, thankfully.

Now I’m not as pro-corporate and stuck up than other Pokémon website admins so I’m going to tell you this: I highly encourage, if you have a minimum of tech-savvyness (it’s mostly moving files around and carefully following instructions), please hack your 3DS with this guide : 3ds.hacks.guide/

It will allow you to install homebrew apps to your 3DS such as Checkpoint, which allows you to back up and restore save data from cartridges and installed games, like I just did with my SA cart.

There are also ways with an app called godmode9 to backup the entire games themselves to a file you can install as a digital game on any 3DS or emulator.


@Siphonay also of note:
- even if your game doesn't work, try backing up the save witch Checkpoint or similar: it seems that only the ROM fails and not the read-write chip used for the save files
- i'm not sure it's advisable to play online with a backup of your copy of the game installed as digital, but backing it up is safe and you should definitely do it anyway

@Claire @Siphonay Nintendo used to ban in wave and hasn't banned in ages. If you don't hack it's generally considered safe

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