help request with wifi on linux 

so i've got a new desktop computer, and it works pretty well except for the wifi: i can see the AP and authenticate, but then DHCP and stuff just fail

with a wifi USB dongle, it works

the wifi chipset is an Intel Wireless-AC 3168NGW integrated in the computer's motherboard

i'm running Debian testing with linux 5.10.0 and firmware-iwlwifi 20210208-1 and i have no idea what to do

help request with wifi on linux 

also bluetooth support (handled by the same chip but through USB??) is… weird?

my headphones work

my gamepad does not

help request with wifi on linux 

it may be that for some reason, the wifi signal is received extremely poorly

it works with my phone as an AP, but it shows a very poor signal even with the phone just besides the computer :/


re: help request with wifi on linux 

it was, uh, missing an antenna ._.

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