poll for people using -soc: if you ever use local-only posting, do you ever rely on the weird 👁️ emoji at the end of the toot?

the idea being, that emoji is pretty awkward and weird, it would be cool if we could stop using it

but without it, a client that doesn't support glitch-soc's extensions can't tell a local-only and a normal toot apart, nor can it post local-only

so ehhh

@Claire it's weird and confusing and also very funny

@Claire it also feels like we're comploting when we use it

@Claire Je ne savais même pas que ça existait... :s
Du coup, je viens de faire des tests sur pipou pour voir à quoi ça sert

@saorimni @Claire (je suis juste faché car je voulais voir les messages :grrpeek:​)

@Claire A la réflexion, la ptite maison, même si elle est discrète, me parait suffisant comme indicateur ?

@darckcrystale @saorimni oui la petite maison est suffisante, mais elle n'est pas là dans les clients qui ne gèrent pas cette extension de glitch-soc

@shad @darckcrystale @saorimni moui l'idée c'est de se débarasser de l'emoji pas de le remplacer x)

@Claire parfois j'aimerai finir mes toots par cet emoji parce qu'il me fait rire mais je ne peux pas :(

@Claire i rely on it when i'm using other clients than the glitch-soc one (e.G. Tusky)

@Claire it might be a good idea to use a custom emoji for local-only, so it can give a self-explaining tooltip and not collide with normal use of the local-only emoji

@noiob oh, that would be better than the current emoji indeed, but it's still pretty awkward, and the upgrade path is pretty awkward as well

@Claire I made it on hometown so that instances could set their own custom emoji to whatever is called local_only -- most clients support custom emoji so it works for that case. On our server we set ours to be indistinguishable from a full stop, which allows it to be inconspicuous

@Claire I rely on it to see if a post is local-only and I find it weird and confusing, but I don't have a better idea. 😟​

@Claire iirc monsterfork had an update that put 'local only' in small italics & maybe shaded the toot differently in the timeline; much nicer ui imo

@octopus i mean, the thing is, without the emoji, non-glitch-soc-aware clients (i.e. pretty much all mobile clients) don't distinguish local-only toots from normal ones, and won't let you post local-only toots

i think that was the original reasoning for the emoji, and it's why i'm still cautious wrt. moving away from it

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