Ni folles ni douillettes

Une bande-dessinée pour parler de l'endométriose (54 pages)

Il reste 5 jours pour contribuer au projet qui est déjà à 96% de son objectif : foncez !

abuse meta, "positive" effects 

Reminder that people who mistreated you get no credit for any skills or positive traits you developed in response to mistreatment; that was your own resilience and ingenuity in response to a bad situation, not something they did for you. The line that bullying and abuse build character or make you a better or more capable person remains a giant, harmful lie.

Abusive parents

"the missing missing reasons" was an interesting (and somewhat fun) read on parents who just don't know why their child(ren) won't talk to them (except they do know why, they just don't want to acknowledge it).

No the *show* is called Steven universe but the boy is Steven's monster

homestuck sexual shitpost 

tired: kicking the bucket
wired: bulge and pail torture

ah oui, une époque où c'était encore læ mystérieux·se “Crush”

anyway fighting the combine isn't quite as easy when you aren't, like, moving everywhere at high speed

catching a grenade mid-air and throwing it back at the enemy who threw it is pretty cool

France isn't leftist you dumb piece of shit lmao France is literally trying to outlaw Islamic practices for "not racist reasons"

Rappel qu'il y a une pétition à signer pour faire pression pour que la déconjugalisation de l'AAH passe à l'assemblée

Faites circuler auprès de vos proches


half-life: alyx spoilers 

lightning dogs are cute
they're a pain
but they're cute

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half-life: alyx spoilers 

ok let's mutter some courage and get back across those dark corridors filled with poison headcrabs 😬 😬 😬

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half-life: alyx 

i just, uh, powered off the hotel power supply thing
i think i'll leave the rest for another time :blobsweats:

you are a computer forensics officer. you get handed an old IDE hard drive I labelled "the biggest computer crime of them all" with a marker pen and hid deep inside my sock drawer. no forensics software can read it, although the entropy is low enough that it's clearly not encrypted. it takes you and your coworkers months of hard work to finally crack the strange B-Tree on-disk structures - only to find a OS/2 Warp install image.

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love people assigning genders to customizable characters of unspecified gender and getting mad at the gender they assigned not being the one they want

Would you date a really clingy person ?

menstruation + covid vax 

Oh hey there's an actual study gathering data on the menstrual side effects of covid vaccines: redcap.healthinstitute.illinoi

I just did the thing and they did a basically fine job of making the language in the survey gender-neutral so that's cool ✔️

If you are a menstruator (past or present) and have had at least one vaccine dose, consider participating!

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