what was particularly messing with me is that the unit test i added so long ago

was just slightly off, so reverting the fix did not trigger that test, and i wondered if it was still needed, tested it in prod and yeah, it was still needed

fixed the test, added some comment, and fixed the other issue, together with a new test

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i'm investigating a bug caused by a very old bugfix of mine
i'm trying to understand why that bugfix is needed, and it is, but i don't understand why

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mastodev / glitch-soc-dev 

Merged the latest upstream changes into glitch-soc

I also ported for consistency with upstream, so don't be surprised if the URLs in the Web UI change

(also I made sure the old URLs still work)

en vrai je sais pas si /web/@foo@bar.tld c'est mieux que /web/accounts/545214512

might be due to the game apparently precompiling shaders every single time you launch it lol

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finally disabled steam's shader pre-caching because it would re-download over 1GB of cache for Horizon: Zero Dawn every fucking day??

moi à 5h du matin : bon, je vais me recoucher parce que ce serait pas raisonnable sinon, mais ça va j'ai de l'énergie je sens qu'aujourd'hui je vais un peu rattraper mon retard
moi depuis 8h du matin : moi dormir encore 💤

The lesbian road trip RPG adventure starts here, so what are you waiting for, just Get in the Car, Loser!— now available for free on both Steam and Itch!

Me: this...this isn't even an IP address we own anymore? I don't know why this is being scanned?

sec eng: yeah but its vulnerable!! we've got to patch it!!

me: if you want me to pop someone elses box and fix it, fine but im telling the cops it was your idea

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FrPol ; transphobie et putophobie ; candidate à la présidentielle 

Sandrine Rousseau est donc restée totalement impassible quand AcceptessT et le STRASS lui ont parlé des assassinats putophobes et transphobes.

Elle n'est en rien une alliée.
Ça dégage.
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