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Composition: exhaustion (70%), anxiety (20%), apathy (9%), guilt (1%)

May also contain trace amounts of libido

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i'm dumb i'm using my account to try pinned statuses but i have pinned no status

It Must be Heaven d'Elia Suleiman est dispo sur Arte! Arrêtez tout! Vivez, riez, partager la bonne nouvelle à tous vos amis! C'est clairement un de mes films préférés de ces dernières années et c'est doux et drôle et poétique t'imagines pas! Vraiment profitez en avant d'oublier parce que ça restera surement pas longtemps.

Language selection is now available in the Mastodon web app. Make sure your posts are seen by people who understand them!

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Présentation de Catala, un langage dédié à l'écriture d'implémentations correctes d'algorithmes dérivés de textes législatifs, par Denis Merigoux dans le cadre des ateliers BlueHats.

L’existant fait vraiment très peur.

Nigerian High School Anime 

Have you ever wondered how would #anime set in a realistic #Nigeria n high school look like?

Manny Edeko, a Nigerian in Texas is creating concept art for such a series. You can follow him on the #birdsite :

If I'm ever organizing a panel on representation of Global South in art, I'm inviting him as well as :)

#art below copyright by Manny Edeko

Drink water. Keep drinking. Never stop. Though you are hydrated, your thirst is never quenched. Drink till the oceans are dry. Drink till the sun turns black and the planet is ash. When there is no water left to drink, then and only then, will you be hydrated sweaty ☺️​

not justifying a tech gadget 

(i don't actually need it, firefox can emulate a token just fine, i just have to remember the config key name when i want to poke with that feature once every 2 months)

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justifying a tech gadget 

i think i need a yubikey or something like that just to be able to test and debug Mastodon's WebAuthn features

i think i will systematically self-boost all of my toots now

anyway, today in mastodev, i tried updating a dependency but seems like pretty much all app push notifications bridges we use actually rely on us not using the actual specification published years ago, but an earlier draft

you sound horny (you sound like someone playing the horn)

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